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September 11, 2006

My 9/11 Memory

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Daphne and I had not lived in our house very long, and we where getting cable hooked up that day. I already had DSL set up, so I was telecommuting when my mother called me up and told me to turn an the television. Yardley is in this dale that prevents good reception, but thought the snow I could pick up what was going on. Then in came the cable guy, he hooked me up and sat down to watch. I don’t remember what was happening but by then we knew it was an attack and not an accident. The the cable guy, who was scarcely more then a child, said something like: “We should kick foreigners out of the country.”  I would have none of this, and told him it was wrong, he said he had to go and left.  I wonder what he thinks about foreigners today.

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