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September 3, 2006

Do I Ask For Too Much?

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Most of my CD collection is ripped into OGG files. I have an ad hoc set of perl scripts to edit the Vorbis comments, search them, play the search results, plus load them into my iRiver. With MP3 files one is limited to a strict set of comments, including one genre. The Vorbis comments to the OGG files is a key value set that allows the same key to have many values. One song could be labeled with many genres, and I usually did. Glenn Miller’s Moonlight Serenade is in the genres: “Big Band”, “Swing”, and also my own special genre “relax”, My “relax” genre is a exclusive set of songs that help me lower my blood presure. Loaded this song into KDE’s amarok, not only can I only edit the first genre labled, but all other “genre” tags are wiped out when I do so. It tries to fit the very flexable Vorbis comment structure into the limited MP3 structure. KDE’s Juk produced similar results.

I told Daphne about this problem, she said I ask for too much. I, one the other hand, am just trying to stop using the keyboard so much and not go not resort my entire music collection. So, is there a solution? Do I go back to my ad hoc scripts? Do I ask for too much? Does this sound like a bad Sex, and the City parody?

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