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August 30, 2006

Debian's kamera

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I’m happy to say that the Debian kamera package for KDE is able to extract photos and movies from my Canon PowerShot A75, as does the command line interface to the same library, gphoto2. With kamera it’s drag, drop, and wait, with gphoto2 it’s type a magic phrase, and wait. There is one show stopper that made me uninstall kamer to go back to the command line. The timestamp of the files created with gphoto2 is the time the camera thinks they where shot, with kamera it was the date they where extracted from the camera.

Because of the above problem I lost the date of my child’s first hair cut. Not that I would remember it if I didn’t loose it, but I know it’s gone. I’m trying to use user friendly GUI interfaces, while easy to use they just don’t seem friendly to the user.

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