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August 28, 2006

Debian Forever

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Last week sometime I was trying to fix my monitor issue with Kubuntu, and X11 stopped working. This was not too big of a surprise as that is what I was hacking on, but from that point on I was unable to get X to start. #^$% it, thought I, and install Debian Sarge:

Downsides include:

  • No cute KDE GUI for Bluetooth.
  • Needed to boot Debians kernel with acpi=off, thought apm seems to work.

I’m just wonder if my Kubunu problem will return when Debian Etch gets released.

Today, I read that the issues that put me over the top might of not been my fault. I always did upgrades as soon as I noticed them, and I remember playing with the packages before I started playing with the X11 settings. While the upgrade issue has been fixed this problem happened just about at the peek of my frustration. A few years ago Debian has a similar issue that made the system unbootable, so I can’t single out Ubuntu for this mistake.

So much for my soirée with Kubuntu.

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