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August 3, 2006

Now in 1080i

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Back in November 2004 I got an HDTV signal from comcast, but 1080i never worked on my Zenith television even though it said it should. The solution was to lower it to 480i. The Comcast guy said I should complain to Zenith that that there 1080i was broken, but 480i is much better then 480p and I was happy.

Last night I wanted to watch a novelas on Telemundo, and checked to see if it had English subtitles. The first problem is that I had to turn off the Comcast box to change the caption settings, so there is no surfing through the CC* settings. You have to turn off the cable box, go into the menu, change the Closed Caption channel, turn back on the box which always puts you at CN8, and then switch back to Telemundo. No English subtitles for the novelas ☹. Rather then manually set the settings, I just set the settings to default.

Last May the cable box had a major upgrade, I had not played with these settings since before then. The default button also reset the resolution, and I could not see a thing on the television. As the HD signal didn’t seem to work I had to dig out a cable to plug in the 480p connector. I got the menu back, but trying to set it to 480i didn’t work. Flickering screen, I think the box crashed a couple of times, when it stablized 480i it still didn’t work. So I set it to 1080i and was going to work the resolution down, but then it worked at 1080i! It was kind of late, and the novelas was over, so I just went to bed. So tonight I should be able to watch Hip Hop from the Hamptons Featuring Fabolus on INHD2 in full 1080i.

It was the fault of Comcast the entire time, not Zenith.

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