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August 23, 2006

Kubuntu's Kamera

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Apart from my monitor issue with Ubuntu I’ve also had Camera issues. With Debian GNU/Linux I install the gphoto2 package and I can extract the photos from my Canon Power Shot A75 on the command line, no problem. Kubuntu comes with KDE’s kamera package, but when that opens up my digital camer is a window it says:

An error occurred while loading system:/media/camera/camera/camera:
Unknown error
Bad parameters

with no hint where to adjust the parameters, I tweaked things for a couple of hours, nothing. I was happy with this, I was just going to uninstall kamera and install gphoto2 and use the command line. However, even though kamera uses the libgphoto2-2, the gphoto command line package was not included in the default repository, just the library.  Reading the Ubuntu forums implied it stould be there, but using apt-cache found nothing.

This just might be the red card for Kubuntu.

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