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March 15, 2006

God's In Galway

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P’s best friend D was over playing today. We were in the dining room, coloring, when the doorbell rang. P is in his “I’LL GET IT” stage (wait til he figures out he can answer the phone!) and ran to the door, with D in close pursuit.

There were two older men there, in woolen scarves and jackets. “This is for the parish…” and handed me a flyer. I, of course, having NO idea what to do with it, said “Oh…um, is this everything?” and as they were moving away, they said yes.

So I look at the pamphlet, with the boys trying to see it.

“Is it from…God?” asked D.
“God?” I said, not knowing what to say. D tried to open the pamphlet in my hand, looking for a special picture.
P, not knowing what/who God is, said “Oh, it’s from Galway.” And D replied “From Galway?”, looking at P like he’s nuts. And then they both walked away.

Apparently God is from Galway.

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