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March 24, 2006

University Fine

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First of all, so far I am loving my job at Princeton University. I don’t feel guilty working on the tasks I have, which I sometimes did at NEC. Most PhDs at NEC where up on a high horse looking down at the non-PhDs. While I rarely interact with Princeton faculty, the staff members with higher degrees I interact with seem to treat me as an equal. My input isn’t duly ignored, but accepted and often incorporated into the projects.

However, I just had to pay a $20 fine for having my parking tag on the wrong side of the car. Reviewing the parking regulations, I was in error. However, the University probably lost more money in man hours having me walk across campus to pay and get a new tag then they would of if they sent a warning and a new tag to me via campus mail.

The lady I paid the fine to was very kind, and was actually worried she was going to get ticked too. Plus she caught my Swedish accent, it’s been years since I got accused of having a non-American accent! After, I stopped for a cup of coffee, trying to save a tree I pulled an old beat-up thermos. “Why don’t you just get a new one” she said. I replied, “not until there is a hole in it.” How drivel.

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