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March 18, 2006

Patrick cheers for Ireland's rugby win

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Patrick watched Ireland win tonight’s rugby match against England; it gave Ireland the Triple Crown, the gold cup they get for beating all of
Wales, Scotland, and England (the other “home nations”). It was a great match, with an incredible ending. E and I cheered and clapped our hands, and told P what had just happened. He looked from E to me, then shouted, “YES!!!!” and began fervent clapping.

hee hee

We don’t like the image of him playing this game, of course, since they beat the living crap out of each other. (Making American football players look like total wooses with all the padding and helmets.) But we also know it’s really common for kids in school, and he’s as likely as any to take part. Our neighbor across the road and his son have both played rugby extensively throughout their school years.

We’ll keep our fingers crossed he doesn’t break anything too important. 🙂

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