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March 12, 2006

Irish Blog Awards…oh my….

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That was a hell of a night. Twenty cleaned up completely, that’s for sure. But he missed out, since he didn’t show, cause his emissary shall be keeping the iPod Nano that Twenny was given for winning Best Blog.

Rick O’Shea did well as the MC, and Damien is to be fully commended for getting the things up and running. I’m guessing that about 150 people showed up.

The greatest part was seeing all these people whose blogs I read in one room. Raftery, RedMum (have fun with that router!), Sarah Carey, Bernard, Justin Mason (looking oh-so-California), Antoin, Piaras (getting crap for that post), and so so so many more. One of the best things was that one group who sponsored one of the awards later WON one!

Rick and I have determined we were separated at birth. And a very kind soul poured me into a cab home, thankfully. I blame the Cosmopolitan. My dear hubby is now patting my brow and getting me to drink lots of water.

I’m going to upload any photos from the cameraphone to Flickr, tagged with irishblogawards. Enjoy!

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