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March 2, 2006

Bodies in the Back Room

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The grave was shallow and short, but the cadavers would fit. I dumped the bodies in as the sleet fell. Though hidden in the wood, this late winter burial was not hidden by the leaves that will start to grow within a month. My heart beat speeded up as a car swished away on the near by road. I started shoveling dirt over the bodies. Was covering up the sins of a friend worth this? A glassy eye stared up at me, it had to be the last part that was covered. I packed the top of the grave and covered it with some leaves and sticks, hopefully the sleet would turn to snow and give it another cover. Another car.

Earlier that day I was trying to fix my computer, my USB ports seem to have stopped working. Retrieving a needle nose from the junk drawer in the kitchen I saw them out of the corner of my eye. There lay the bodies in the back room, as the killer slept snuggly up in the bedroom. The head was missing from one body, a glassy eye of the mammal stared at me.

After disposing of the bodies, I returned to the back room. Feathers and fur where around the room. Marvin had brought in a dead baby rabbit before, and a torpid squirrel, but this was a full grown rabbit, nearly his own size! It must of been sick, bird flu? Stupid cat.

There was still Daphne, I would have to throw out the rug if she knew about it. All evidence had to be covered up. I vacuumed up the evidence, emptied and cleaned the out Dyson canister. The only thing left is to confess my sins. Daphne never reads my blog…

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