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March 1, 2006

Yes, master, you are the only OS, master

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I visited a site to see what times Breakfast on Pluto [you need broadband for that link] is airing in our local theater on Friday. So the page came up, I clicked on “Fri”, and nothing happened. Hmm. Try again, try reload, nope. Ok, fine: View->Page Source. The first few lines told me the evil truth:

<script language=”VBSCRIPT”>
Function ScheduleRequest(ByVal ReqDate)
Dim pi

times.seldate.value = CDate(ReqDate)
Set oXML = createobject(“Microsoft.XMLHTTP”)
oXML.open “POST”, times.gateway.value, False
… etc …

Yes, Dark Lord, your wish is my command, no one shall buy a movie ticket online unless they run Wind0ws.

Why the hell would someone choose to implement this in Visual Basic ? <spit/>

(Turns out the movie’s stopping in Ireland on Friday. At least the DVD’s out in April in the US, and hopefully not too much later in Ireland and the UK.)

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