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December 23, 2005

In depth chocolate coins

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On the Bookofjoe blog, there’s a link to a story about chocolate coins that was in the Wash Post. Now, it’s quite interesting, cause those chocolate coins are really the baseline for so many comparisons.

Living over here now, I find that most American chocolate tastes like the chocolate coins of my childhood. Can you just imagine what the chocolate coins would taste like to me now?! Maybe I have become a chocolate snob, but why the heck not have the best stuff? Mars bars here (in the US, it’s a Milky Way. Milky Way here is a whole different thing. Wait. They’re called Milky Bars. Here. yeah.) are the most luscious yummy things. You can taste the milk. Mmmmmmm. They just started having Mars bar…somethings, that are like Kinder bars but have caramel inside. I mean, it’s like a mouthful of butter.

I need to find dairy free chocolate coins for next year for P (adds to list of things I forgot to do for holidays this year, including sending out cards.)

But what I’m saying is…if we all think they taste like crap, why the heck do we all keep buying them!? My brother and I got them for playing dreidel for Hanukkah, and I think they were the last chocolate we ate from the whole holiday. Leave the worst for last :-).

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