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December 30, 2005

Is arachnophobia a genetic thing?

Filed under: — brendan @ 19:09 GMT

P’s decided daddy-long legs spiders are okay. He asked me to keep him company in the bathroom because of a spider in the corner. When we got there, I explained they’re like Grampy Spiders who are just fishing for bugs.

He looked me right in the eye. “Does it have a fishing rod?”

I told him the web was like a bunch of fishing poles all out waiting for bugs to show up. He nodded in agreement as he put further thought to the brilliance of this approach, and continued back into the dining room to play. At the time, I wondered if he’d use the bathroom by himself next time now that he knows old Grampy’s not the swiftest.

About half an hour later, he got up and went back to the bathroom, peed, flushed, and came back into the room. Not a word spoken.

I hope this sort of thing sticks…

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Help with mobile phones

Filed under: — elana @ 11:04 GMT

I’d like to get a new one. I don’t like the Motorola interface, really. I do like Nokia’s, but I haven’t played around with many other phones. I can get an upgrade from Vodafone now…

I was looking at the Nokia 6820 (aka E70). I like to text, but I like querty more :-). A good camera is helpful. MP3 option…eh. No biggie for me. Sync’ing with OSX would be good (but I have to research more on that). I don’t want a PIM, cause I have a Filofax that I love.

What are your favorite phones? Why? Help me out here!!


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No RFID attack on my wallet!

Filed under: — brendan @ 09:26 GMT

A fun bit of craftsmanship: handy instructions on how to make a RFID blocking wallet using duct tape, helping the passionate privacy advocate fend against the RFID‘s own pervasive version of a pandemic. EPIC has a similar fix on a postcard, theirs involving aluminum foil to protect your passport.

Why worry about your passport? Check out Bruce Schneier’s recent article in Wired, where he points out a fatal flaw in how the U.S. State Department will be issuing passports containing RFIDs starting in October 2006. The chip in the passport could be readable by someone up to 69 feet away from you.

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