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December 3, 2005

No scissors on planes? How about—needles?

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More times than I can count, I’ve seen (mostly) ladies sitting in their airplane seat, relaxing not with a book or music or a movie, but instead a nice bit of knitting. To run through the rules: no Swiss Cards, no scissors, no pocket knives, but knitting needles are okay? For the paranoid, they’d be able to get through your eye and into your brain even easier than the now-plastic knives they give you for your safety while dining. But at least our in-bred fear of every object that exists in an airplane cabin hasn’t reached too much hysteria just yet. Umm…it hasn’t, right?

Stephanie Pearl-McPhee has a great description of this sort of thing from the perspective of the needle-weilding terrorist and their 14″ aluminum weapons of minimal destruction. My favorite part of her story is towards the end, where you see that if she’d wanted to, she could seemingly have socially engineered herself right into the damn cockpit. 🙂

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