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September 9, 2004

PXE Install

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Now that I got the hardware working, I had to install the systems with a properly configured operating system. The problem is this system has neither floppy or CDROM drive. It does, however, have PXE network cards. I boot the system onto a Debian Sarge nfs root partition. Here is a summary af what I did after that:

  1. Load the ide-detect module to find the ATA drives. Partition the drives, don’t forget swap.
  2. Use mkswap to prepare your swap partition, and mkfs to make the file systems.
  3. Mount all the partitions someplace like they will be mounted, I used /mnt. Mounting /proc files system can be useful too.
  4. Use Debian’s debootstrap command to install packages where you mounted the partitions.
  5. Use the chroot command and change to where you just installed the packages.
  6. Edit the /etc/hosts file, /proc/mounts is a good start. Don’t forget swap.
  7. Edit and create other files: /etc/apt/sources.list, /etc/hosts, /etc/kernel-img.conf, /etc/network/interfaces, /etc/hostname.
  8. Use apt-get and install a kernel, I installed resolvconf too and put resolver configuration in the /etc/network/interfaces file.
  9. Install GRUB, create the /boot/grub directory. Run the update-grub command.
  10. Follow directions in the Installation section of the GRUB manual, to install GRUB on the boot drive.
  11. Use passwd to set the root password.
  12. Reboot, make sure you are not booting PXE though.

After it comes up, set the time zone. Continue to configure normally.

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