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September 1, 2004

Added Insight

Filed under: — Sven @ 09:30 IST

I have added insight to my TX4 card issues. I plug them into the riser card and they seem to work, but after a few minutes the system freezes up. I plug them directly into the board and all works well, but I then can’t close the 2U case. Don and I tried a different riser card, same problems. I spent hours yesterday looking for a riser card with no electronics, but simply plugs into two 32-bit PCI ports, but none seem to exist. Computers suck.

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No More Alton Brown

Filed under: — Sven @ 09:18 IST

Yesterday I changed my Comcast cable service to limited basic cable. 余艾蕾 and my idea was that with Zoë and Netflix we will be watching more movies, but more important then that, cable channels kind of suck. My wife and I seem to agree that EWTN is a waist of bandwidth, as is Lifetime, Spike TV, the Game Show Network and many other channels.

Some channels, like CNN, The History Channel, and some of the Discovery channels will not be missed even though I would sometimes watch shows on them.

I will miss more channels then 余艾蕾 though: Alton Brown and Iron Chef on the Food Network; Stargate SG-1 on the SciFi channel; international soccer games on the ESPNs; and more then anything The Daily Show and South Park on Comedy Central. South Park can’t really be watched with Zoë around anyway. All that is not worth the extra $25 bucks it costs me.

So hear me Comedy Central, ESPN, SciFi, et all. If Comcast didn’t put so muth other shit on I might still be watching you.

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