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September 5, 2004

TX4 Saga

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My TX4 saga continued last week. Just a minor addition I put in for completeness sake. Don and I ordered SATA cables with 90° ends. Hopefully the case will be able to be closed with these cables, and hopefully they where approved to be purchased.

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Limited Basic Cable at Extended Basic Price

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Last Friday the cable guy came to downgrade our channel count, and upgrade our resolution. A few years ago, when we first moved into our house, the cable company was AT&T, within a few weeks it changed to Comcast. It made it hell getting cable as nobody at Comcast knew my area was now Comcast,but I was finally forwarded to the correct place. Now the issue arises that my area is still running the old AT&T hardware, and Comcast does not buy parts for this old hardware. So I’m stuck getting all the extended basic channels and the limited basic price. Woe is me.

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