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July 25, 2011

MythTV for beginners

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B built us a MythTV box, and did a lot of the documenting here. Today P turned on the tv and found that the recording files were there, but were empty.  Now, I’ve only had one cup of tea, so I’m not firing on all cylinders, but something at the back of my mind said “I bet the HD is full.”  And it was. Phew. /deletedeletedelete

I have  a lot of things I have to learn.  I know that B added some channels to the Myth setup a couple weeks ago, and it took him something like 2 hours.  There is going to be a day when I shut down the shuttlecraft (our Myth box), but I want to prolong that as long as possible. We’ve used the Myth interface for so long, it would be strange to move to something else.

Maybe I can teach P Unix, and he can play with MythBuntu?

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