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July 15, 2011

Small update

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We realized that we hadn’t put an update up, so here you go!

It’s been a rough week, obviously.  At the same time, the amount of caring, love, support, kindness…it has been overwhelming.  Thank you all so much for *everything*.  We can truly feel your vibes coming from all corners of the Earth, and it means so much to us.

We have a meeting at St James’ Hospital on Monday morning, to see if B meets the criteria to join a clinical trial there.  As our (fill in) doc said on Thurs tho, “It’s not a cure, but it might give you more time.”  He is a kind man, but also very direct.  So we’ll see how that goes.

On Monday he started B on 2 oral caplets of chemo, and at our Thurs meeting he upped that to 8.  Yes, 8. I found out today that B’s WBC yesterday was 115. He was admitted in March with a WBC of 110.  However, his platelets and his Hg were both up, without needing transfusions.  This is good, cause it shows that the good cells can still be generated, and aren’t being fully crowded out by the immature WBC.

We’ll see what the blood test on Monday comes back like.

Beyond that, my father is arriving in a few hours to stay for a bit, on his way from Athens back to the US.  It will be great to see him, mainly cause he’s my Dad, and also because he had cancer when I was about P’s age. A bit of his insight will be helpful as well, but also we just like being around him.  Other members of the family are planning trips too, which means a lot to B.

So the weekend is one of quiet and calm and a bit of goofy (that would be my Dad). Which I think is what we need right now.

We also wanted to say many congrats to our lovely friends Jimmy and Michael, who were civilly partnered last week. They have been together as long as B and I have, and we are so proud and happy for them.  Love you guys!!!

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