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July 19, 2011

Nothing funny here

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last night, B was complaining of a headache. He got sick a few times, and when I went back into our room to check on him, something had changed. I don’t know if it was his eyes, or his mouth, but something was wrong. He tried to sit up, but couldn’t use his left arm. I asked him to squeeze my hand, and he couldn’t. I grabbed the phone and dialed 999, and, for the first time in my life, ordered an ambulance.

It was the right thing to have done. The insanely high WBC have invaded his body. They helped burst a blood vessel in his brain, abd he ended up having a massive bleed, also because his platelets weren’t very high.

He was responsive at the beginning, like while we were in the ambulance and in A&E being assessed. But now, 24 hours later, he hasn’t opened his eyes in a while. He can’t talk, abd his left side has been compromised from the bleed. He’s obviously been readmitted, and while our lovely care team on Anne’s ward tried to get him in, they just couldn’t get a bed available. So we’re on a different ward, and have family and close friends around. His brother and mother are flying in, and my parents as well. We were lucky that my Dad happened to be visiting right now, since he stayed with the boys while I was in the ambulance and hosp.

The doc, who we both respect, told me this morning at 3am that its a question of hours, not days.

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