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July 5, 2011

Why WordPress can’t live without Akismet

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Day before yesterday I tried to upgrade the Akismet plugin used by our website; it’s what stops spam from appearing all over the place on the blog.

They’d changed their system a bit, to try to encourage more people to pay for their service (no blaming them).  This meant the existing plugin no longer worked, unfortunately.  But maybe it was a sign—I decided to try going without it, to see if we could just use the blog as-is.

Not a chance.  The spam comments started appearing so quickly, I couldn’t believe it.  We’re now giving Akismet $24 for a year’s subscription (they’re open to personal users picking $0, still, but we want them to stay in business, too, or we lose).  But it’s already paid off—since I activated it, their plugin has blocked more than 12,000 spam comments.  Had I not gotten it going, I’d be manually processing every, single, one, of them.

Screw that.

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