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July 3, 2011

Guns ‘N Roses Have It Right

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Last night I was too tired to try to write, so this post will be a mix of yesterday and today.

Most of both days progressed with no fever, which was encouraging. They’ve had similar delivery of the antibiotics, which are hopefully doing their job. By late afternoon yesterday, though, it decided to spike back up above 38, so they went with paracetamol and blood cultures. I was retaining water, so they gave me a “water pill” to help urge the fluids out. The fever let up some time during the night, but settled down enough so it wasn’t there this morning. I was told I managed to fill 3 1-liter jugs in the course of about 2 hours after that magical water pill, though.  I’m retaining water again today, “positive” by about 1.4 liters, so they’re giving me more of the same.  Haven’t produced the same yet, but sometimes it can come out of nowhere.  (Well…nevermind. 😀 )

This morning I woke up a bit early, but felt rested. I’ve had no fever so far, though I feel a bit of a headache coming on; one of the nurses is going to give me some of the Tramadol pain killer for it. I was hesitant, since I thought it would conflict with the paracetamol which they’d use to bring down the fever if it jumped over 38. Apparently they can do both, though. (And I learned Sherlock Holmes would’ve been addicted to Tramadol.)

Aside from the headache, I’ve felt fine today otherwise. One of the haemotologists came by around mid-day with the good news that the chest x-ray they did as part of the normal work-up for possible infection came back clear, and there was nothing in my lungs connected to the fever.

Instead, she’s pretty sure it’s one of the symptoms of mucusitis, backed up by a few new small white spots appearing on the back of my mouth where there had only been one for a few days. The lucky part so far is that I’m still able to chew and swallow food without any discomfort. (Fingers crossed.)

Much like the second chemo treatment, this is dragging on for a while. Normal chemo have most side-effects between days 7 and 14. We’re on day 18 and the mucusitis is only now showing any real interest. Hopefully it’s just a splinter group, and will get disbanded by the strong antibiotic rebel forces.

Twiddle, twiddle.

P.S. When you’re in the hospital you’re supposed to have an appetite (I do), and try to eat as much as you can (I do this too).  But…the kitchen should try harder (they don’t).

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