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March 25, 2011


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Stayed up til past 11pm last night, as an experiment.  Was woken as normal at 6am for my blood draws, which means I probably won’t try to stay up that late again. 😉  Kinda tired this morning cuz of doing it.

Good visit by my doctor this morning…my fever has been holding off for a decent bit.  There’s a system called growth stimulation of white cells which they were considering for me, but since my numbers have been behaving properly and the fever has held off, they don’t think it’ll be necessary.  She believes I’m doing really well.  She did say the stable absence of fever may only go for 4-5 days and then could return, but we’ll see how things progress.

I had a chest X-ray at 8pm last night, but they’ve not yet had a chance to compare it against the one I had a week or two ago.  Based on what I’m feeling, I expect them to see the infection has reduced itself.

No IV next to my bed right now, and no tubes.  I expect it to return for doing platelets and then regular blood transfusion, but for the moment I’m free. 🙂

Eyes still improving, ever so slowly.  I know they’re much better than a couple of weeks ago, that’s for sure.  I’m just waiting patiently for them to be able to focus together.

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