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March 22, 2011

Early Day Scribbles

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Listening to “Morning Ireland” on Radio One using the Sony Walkman.  Easier than trying to “watch” the news on the TV, and I came to the realization that I’m getting all of the information in audio form.  With the TV version, they use the display for part of the content, which means I’m only seeing part of what they’re putting up there.  How funny, the innovative nature of the Walkman when it was first introduced and yet it still functions well as a product decades later.

They did a blood transfusion at around 6:30am this morning cuz I didn’t have a fever, and still don’t.  Woo hoo!  It’s seemingly random when I do or don’t end up with one.  This morning made the better choice. 🙂

Got another eye exam  this morning.  The doctor said there are two things which can cause my conditiion, either the leukemia or the chemo combined with the white cells.  He said mine was the latter, which was good because that case will heal itself.  (Confirmed again!  Yahoo!)

While waiting for the eye exam, I had an interesting chat with a 60-something guy sitting next to me.  He had very strong opinions about how hospitals and doctors’ offices still can’t seem to schedule anything properly (his words), yet they still call you in/bring you in for a particular time.  He’s got a plan on how to analyze the performance of patient visits to come up with a predictible model which could be used to mre accurately schedule appointments.  He could make a fortune creating a business service specializing in this, particularly if he could make it within 10 minutes’ accuracy consistently.

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