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March 24, 2011

Sheer Volume

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Can’t believe how much water I drank yesterday.  I’m usually putting still water into my cup  from a set of 500ml bottles.  In contrast, yesterday what they found for me was a full 2L bottle.  When I saw it, I was skeptical about the sheer size of it.  But, somehow, I finished it off and moved on to another 500ml bottle.  Needless to say, I had a few wakeups to go to the bathroom during the night.

My IV isn’t doing fluids as much, in part because of the amount of water I’m drinking.  I’m also getting two potassium tablets which I put into a cup with about a 1/2-cup of water to make it dissolve.  (Like the Vitamin C ones we use at home.)  Potassium’s the other thing the IV usually did.

There’s a television mounted in the ceiling just past the end of each bed.   They have it set up so you can plug headphones into the wall next to to your bed to have it on without the others around you listening to your show.  BUT, the 3mm headphone jack next to my bed appears to have been pushed into the wall, so no such luck.  (S’ok, if I turn on the news or something I just keep the volume down at a reasonable level.)  I asked male Nurse B to  submit a request for it to be fixed, which he said went in fine.  (That was around Monday, I think.)  Hope they fix it before the weekend.

Not a big appetite for lunch, though I’m saving the two oranges for later.  Did a little nap his afternoon, which I think helped a bit.  Also ate an orange, at E’s encouragement, which had come with the lunch and that apparently made a big difference in how I was behaving and how I looked.

Had a headache this morning which wore off a bit, but didn’t go away.  They have me some meds which have really helped.  Yesterday, I had a stronger headache I believe happened because of looking out the doors at one end of the hall at the bright light in the sky.  The afternoon was another, which could have been the same, or may have been a side-effect of a bottle of cola and chocolate bar which I tried.  (Reportedly the caffeine can contribute to bone marrow growth.)

The head’s improved now, with only a small echo of a headache.  I’m being careful and limiting my laptop screen time since that’s making my eyes work really hard.

Have a chest xray at about 8pm tonight, which will hopefully show further improvement to the chest infection which was seen there last week or the week before.  It would’ve been now, but I’ve got a blood transfusion going which has about 2 hours yet to finish.  Glad I’m not too eager to sleep. 🙂

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