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March 24, 2011

Hills and Valleys

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Today was more of a downhill than a flat or an uphill.  He won’t say it, but when I got in, he was tired and not so hot.  Didn’t eat his lunch, took a nap instead, which he hasn’t done for a while.  Headache, and slightly overwhelmed by people talking to him.  I was getting worried, because something there was triggering for me.

I talked to both Nurse Sm and Nurse L about it.  Nurse Sm (there’s a lotta nurses whose names start with S!) said that of course I’d think something was wrong, this is kinda how he was when he came in the first day.  And she was totally right.  A good nap, some meds for the headache and a nice juicy orange and he was looking better.

Beyond that, quiet enough day.  Just talking and figuring things out, no big stuff.  I didn’t get the numbers for today (I.KNOW!  What is WRONG with me?!) but will get them tomorrow.

Today’s Shoutouts: Nurse Sm, for making me chill out; Viv, for the softball game for P; Claire P for the deeelish dinner (the boys had 3 bowls each!); and the lovely Roseanne, for helping me with my knitting needles.

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