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March 23, 2011

Children fix everything

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I had a great visit by *both* boys this morning; Thanfully, Elana was able to get them in (despite horrid traffic) for a little while before having to get them to school a little late.

Like any 9 and 4 year old boys, they’re not always sure what to talk about, but they’re able to share information when prompted and volunteer random unsolicited information, too. 🙂  But the best part is just seeing them being themselves, interacting, talking, et al.  We’re unsure how often I’ll be able to see them (maybe not again for couple of weeks or more), so I’ll relish the visit for a while.  I’m wearing a “Happy St Patrick’s Day” pin badge given to me by Patrick, which I’ll keep on for the day.

My fevers have been improving a little … last night I got a small one, and started to feel a little cool, but in contrast to say a few days earlier, I didn’t have the shaking shivers and chills.  I’m hoping this trend continues.

Had blood samples taken at 6am this morning, like normal.  Amazing how much blood they’ve taken out of me over the last few weeks!

My radio routine in the hospital is starting to take shape, mirroring the habit I use while working at home.  Morning Ireland on RTE Radio1 starts the day til 9am, then I switch over to Radio Nova 100.3 for awesome music for an hour or so.  Then I switch to listen to Tom Dunne on NewsTalk 106 from 10-12.  When Tom’s done (ha ha, apologies to Tom), switch back to Radio Nova for the rest of the day.  This doesn’t mean I actually listen to the radio this much here—it’s just the pattern of time and station choice.

Just head that Michael Stipe of REM composes songs on his mobile phone.  Some time ago Bono lost (?) a laptop with lots of lyrics and such on it; I wonfer if Michael S had any sort of encryption on his phone?  A decent password?  (The intelligent thief would open the phone up and get the memory card out of it to put into a stronger reader.)  I’m sure he’s well aware of the risks and has some way to protect his work.

Looks like a beautiful day outside; I’ve got the window blind up just enough to be able to see the bay (sitting up in bed), but keeping the bright sunlight from straining my eyes.  I like the diea of the boys being able to play outside and a) have lots of fun being outside, and b) expel tons of energy so they go sleep early and for a long time. 😉

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