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March 21, 2011

Two timing

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So nice to have B writing again!  His view can be so different from mine…

For the record, his numbers are stable.  Today’s were (I think, I can’t find the paper, but I’m pretty sure)

WBC 0.3

HG 8.5

Platelets 31

They gave him 2 platelets today, to keep them up.  Their goal is still around 50, but jeeeeez, I dunno if there’s enough platelets in Dublin for that!!  In each bag (pool, I think they call them) there’s 272ml, so he’s getting about a pint a day.

Today was mainly playing cards, looking at email and answering a few, and just chatting.  And some walking, he likes the walking.  We can’t go far, since he’s not allowed off the ward (“PLEASE?  It’s so nice out today!” was shot down fast), so we walk one end to the other, turn around, walk back.  It’s not a large ward.

One of his roommates went home today.  Big news, since B and his old roommate, J, were moved from their room to a curtained off area with 3 beds.  So it’s back to it being J and B, and I wonder if there will be someone new when I go in tomorrow?  Their old room was taken by two men who needed to be in isolation.  Fine, isolate ’em!!

It’s been much quieter on the ward, everyone’s in a groove, it feels like.  I realized today that B is the youngest, from what I can tell.  The guy who left today was next closest, but the others are all over 50, easy.

Tomorrow will be a bit funky, since I won’t get in til almost noon…Eoin’s getting a new bed from Freecycle and I have to go collect it! YAY! He needs one, and his cot bed is going to someone who needs it too.  Love it when that happens!

Each day, B is a little more “there”. He got really tired today (we waited in total for that MRI for 1.5 hours and we forgot to bring his water!) and I don’t like when that happens, because it can lead to him picking up something even more easily.  The goal is for him to stay healthy, get those WBC up and the cancel cells eliminated.

Today’s shoutouts: Rita, for the great dinner which we loved (and there was plenty!!!); Walter, for being there, and for everyone at the school this am who came up with hugs and a quick chat.

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