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March 20, 2011

A first blurry mobile phone post (B)

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No change in eyes, but wanted to try this… am curious what it’d take for a few sentences.

Woke at 6 after decent enough to sleep. Had a chat with nice Nurse S about carbonated vs still water. I told her I really can’t drink the carbonated any more cuz it leaves mouth dry and doesn’t come close to quenching my thirst. I’m to ask the doctors if the Nash’s Still is an ok replacement for the Nash’s Sparkling.

Enjoyed watching Rugby last night. I could identity some of the players by just looling, which was encouraging. Even saw the ball—a couple of times. Heh. But a little distraction is nice —or more to the point, something to do Pruett eyes, a bit, was cool.

Morning blood draws are done, as well as Joe Random antibiotic….there are so many it’s hard to keep track. Tho I bet there’s a list in the blog somewhere.

Taking breaks between pieces of writing. (I also expect some odd word substitution by android typing software which I won’t catch.)

As a new parent with the birth of our youngest, I got into the habit of cutting my own food up into small portions. This way I could eat my food with one hand while feeding him his own. To this day, I still cut mine up before eating —breeder or not. So cutting up my porridge into even hunks cracked me. Up this morning. So little point, yet the habit persists.

The St Anne’s Ward is divided into two parts which make up the third floor. The center area where the elevators are also has a big open rectangular room off of it. Crammed along the solid walls are nearly 20 chairs of different kinds. The third wall is mad up of institution-store windows showing you a panoramic view of… well, other hospital buildings. Not a holiday spot. 🙂

In front of the windows are two big TVs. When I first saw this, I figured it may be how they all watch a Rugby match togwther. Bzzt. The TVs are reportedly dead. If my eyes get better early enough, I still like my original idea of folks being able to watch something in here.

Typing this with my phone kinda worked, but maybe I’ll try my laptop next time.

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