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March 18, 2011

Out of it

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B was so out of it today.  By the time I got in this morning, I missed him by about 1 minute…he was heading down for his bronchoscopy, to get a bit of the infection in his lungs so they can find out exactly what the infection is and treat it thoroughly with the right antibiotic.  We won’t get results back til like, Tuesday, but still, it’s done.  So I was sitting waiting for him for about an hour and a bit, and when he came back up, ohemgee, he was *stoned* from the general anesthetic.  We had the same conversation at least 3 times today, each time it was new to him.  When I mentioned this to him, he started reenacting a video we have of him from when he came out of the aphasia, when his attention span was about 3 minutes.

He was weak and out of it for most of the day today.  One time he fell asleep in the middle of a sentence. Overall the procedure went well, and I don’t think he even had a sore throat.  He did say that he had one place that felt rubbed a bit hard, and that the infection, instead of being in one big lump, seems to have broken up a bit.  They pumped a bit of water down into the lung, and then suctioned out some to get the sample.  Maybe that broke it up a bit?

So I’m sitting there, cause I’m thinking that the last chemo he’s gonna get in this round is a big deal.  I made sure to be there for it, and it was kinda momentous for me.  Him?  He woke up for 3 minutes, and didn’t remember it an hour later.  S’ok, having him sleep through a day of being in the hosp is totally worth it.

Was a quiet day on the ward as well.  I think because it’s that weird day between a weekday holiday and a weekend, when things are supposed to be open, but most people won’t open cause they’re going away or they just don’t wanna.

So, anyway, he was out of it most of the day. Was grand.  Will be going back in tomorrow, as soon as I figure out who goes where…B’s aunts have the boys for the day, but there’s two birthday parties in there too (one for each of them to go to!) and we haven’t bought pressies yet! Must get more organized!!!

B’s numbers for today (you did read the previous post about what the numbers mean, right?)

WBC: 0.3

Hg 8.5

Platelets: 39

They gave him 2 pools of platelets today, before the ‘scope.  Nurse S said that they would give him 2 bags of blood tomorrow as well, to keep the Hg up.  He did have fevers overnight, including one that soaked his shirt this morning.  I’ll be happy when those are done with!

Today’s shoutouts: Viv, for the gorgeous dinner and the cuppa this morn; Student Nurse L, for the bit of laughs we had on a quiet day; Kamilla for being with the boys so much; and Magda, who we couldn’t live without!

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