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March 15, 2011

Mind melt

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Apparently last night B had some weird dreams, like he said bad acid trip level dreams.  He woke up a few times with them, really freaked out.  He thought it was because of his medicine to bring down the fever, but talking to Nurse D and Nurse A, they said he just got paracetamol.  We realized all together that it was the fever itself (39.5C) that was causing the nightmares.  Which makes sense cause when he’s napping when I’m here, he moves like a freaking puppy, dreaming about chasing things I guess.

Today was a scan basically of him from the waist up.  Can’t wait to see those, if they let me.  They just want to make sure about if he has an infection: the bloods aren’t showing any infection at all, they think the fevers are a side effect of the chemo.  Which does make things interesting, but overall, if that’s one of the few side effects he has?  OKAY! We’re fine with that!  He hasn’t had any nausea or pain (other than blood draws and the bone marrow aspiration), which I’m really grateful for.

He’s resting again, now, because he had to stand up for the scans and hold his arms over his head.  Took a lot of out of him.

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