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March 11, 2011

A few visuals

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A couple of pics of things here, to keep things fresh. One or two might not be okay for the squeamish, just so’s ya know.

One of B’s hematologists checks his lungs, he’s been coughing a bit.

B's central line

It’s also called a Hickman line. It’s so that he’s not a human pincushion when they need to draw blood, which they do at least 2x a day, and it also makes it easier to deliver the drugs right to his body, since it goes into a major vein leading to the heart.  Straight into the pump, and straight around the body.

First bag of blood

Thank you, Anonymous Donor.


Since he’s anemic right now, he’s really really tired.

Tonight's dinner: quiche. And he ate most of it.

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