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May 24, 2007

Delaware Rag

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Last Sunday, on 余艾蕾’s whim, my nuclear family went to Newtown Welcome Day. Apart from getting Zoë, my nearly three year old, a bag of kettlecorn we got nothing. Well, almost nothing. We checked out some art work, none of it was quite right for both of us. We where on our way out, but Zoë wanted to relax and eat her kettlecorn. We sat down at a stages near the exit, and up came the Delaware Rag. Even before they started playing I was admiring John Corrigan’s handle bar mustache. When they started playing I was admiring Mr. Corrigan’s kazoo playing (if you got rhythm you can’t play the kazoo bad, can you?).

Primary instruments include Mr. Corrigan on the mandolin, Paul Kupfer on the guitar, Patrick Mahalland on the bass (not the fish), and Casey Neal an the banjo. Mr. Neal also had a guitar but Zoë wanted leave before it got used. Primary critic, Zoë, liked them until she filled up with kettlecorn; this is actually saying a lot as the only CDs she seem to like are The Beatles and a Berlitz Spanish language CD that tries to teach you how to pick up girls in Spanish (I got it to help me understand Fútbol matches on Spanish television (really!)). On the way out I picked up there CD, The Rag for $10.

Apart from not being rag time, it is a worthwhile CD. Though it may be a strange relation, it’s oddly similar to the Grateful Dead. Maybe it’s because I live walking distance to the Delaware Canal but I think the best song on this album, I fear to call country music (blueglass?), is Toe the Line. Well worth the ¢99 I suspect iTunes is selling it for.

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