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May 20, 2007

How Not to Boil an Egg

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A few days ago I was hacking, I had these nice eggs from a local farm and I wanted them boiled. For some reason M. F. K. Fisher’s How to Cook a Wolf popped in my mind, I went to the attic and found the book I had not seen in years. In the chapter How Not to Boil an Egg I found the recipe:

…cover the egg with cold water in a little pan. Heat it briskly, and as soon as it begins to bubble, the egg is done. It will be tenderer then when started in hot water, which of course makes the part nearest the shell cook immediately, instead of heating the whole thing gently.

I actually boiled five eggs, so I let in go until it started boiling. The eggs where perfect. That book is going to stay in the kitchen.

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