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March 5, 2007

More food blog!

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Barbara Kafka has a blog! WHOO HOO.

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More food

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Getting back into the swing of food blogging…

Today’s dinner: sausages and peppers over ciabatta bread.

The sausages were from Jane Russell sausages, their Italian ones. We get them from the market in Dun Laoghaire on Sundays, where they have a stall. These sausages are heavenly. Different from Italian sausages in the US, not as spicy, but the flavor is more authentic. And there is almost no fat coming off these, compared to the US ones.

Jane’s sausages work really well with the recipe from Barbara Kafka’s book, Microwave Gourmet. This book, given to me by my mom, is gold, GOLD I TELL YOU. I was one of the naysayers, the ones who say “What? Microwaves are for things other than defrosting and popcorn?” Then this book changed my life. Leek and potato soup in under a half hour. Chicken paprikas that is to. die. for. I cannot recommend this book highly enough; this and Vegan Planet and you’re set.

Erm, back to the recipe. Chop up some sausages, cook in the micro. Add some peppers, some onion, some basil (okay, we used dried cause the basil we did have in the fridge was *manky*. I forgot to pull an Alton on it and wash and wrap in damp paper towels). Now, you’re supposed to add some marinara sauce to it and then cook it a bit more. But no toms for this house. So we added 4 garlic cloves, some oregano and some olive oil. Served up over artisan ciabatta (also gotten at the market on Sunday), it was perfect for this nasty, rainy, windy day.

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