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October 10, 2006


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When I lived in San Francisco, before the election I would get a piece of mail telling me where to go to vote, and a sample ballot. It even came with a list of pros and cons for each item on the ballot. In Bucks County I get nothing. I’ve search Bucks County’s web site, nothing. Thank you Bucks County League of Women Voters for publishing a voters guide.

In Yardley Borough there are no parties on the ballot apart from the bourgeoisie Democrat and Republican. Not a Libertarian or Green to be seen. There are a couple of Independents running in Bucks County, but not in my area. Being a registered Green party member, what I usually do is go vote for all the green party members, and if they lack a canditade I vote for the Libertarian. Lacking either member of those parties is when things get hard and I actually have to do some reading to see which bourgeoisie is least likely to cover up there parties evil doings. I got a lot of research to do this year. If non-bourgeoisie start winning I’ll have to start doing some research into those people too.

Now, I do have a peeve about the Green party, at least in Pennsylvania, maybe just in Bucks County. Claming to be grassroots I always see more Green running for major offices, U.S. Senate, or President, rather then local offices. I would rather see these people running and winning local offices then running and loosing national and state offices. Perhaps they are scared of winning? This years race for Pennsylvania’s U.S. Senate in a prime example:

The bourgeoisie took the Green party to school. First the Republicans help the Greens pay for getting the 67,000 signatures needed to get on the ballot. Then the Democrats took the Greens to court claming they didn’t have enough signatures, and won. Thus the Greens have to pay the Democrat’s legal bills and there own, a total nearing a million dollars. The Green candidate should of run for a local office, if you can’t win locally don’t bother running for a bigger office. I hope the Pennsylvania Greens learned there lesson.

The 67,000 signatules needed is also biased against third parties, bourgeoisie candites need 2,000 signatures. The 67,000 number is 2% of the votes from the last state wide election. So, if I want to encourage third parties to be on the ballot next election I should not vote? It’s a trap no matter which way a look.

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