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October 11, 2006

Foley and Bush

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President Bush has been lying for years, and most of the Republicans agreed. While the GOP rating had been going down people have not been to outraged by the Republican party. Now what presses peoples buttons? A sex scandle. Unless your congress man was related with the scandle why change your vote? I think Democrats, and other party members for that matter, are just as likely to have homosexual pedophiles as the Republicans; though perhaps republicans are more likely to have in-the-closet homosexuals then Democrats. The Democrats are also just as likely to have corrupt leaders that would cover somebody misbehaving as the current Republican leadership of congress.

Mr. Bush’s lies should be the outragous headlines that drastically lowers the GOP poll numbers nation wide, not Mark Foley’s lust for young boys. My best wishes go out to Mr. Foley and his family, I hope he can over come his issues.

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