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November 3, 2005


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Two weeks ago I sent in my order, via the US Postal Service, to Voicenet to get my ISDN line going. I picked them a few years ago because they are local, there building is, er was, even on a farm one of my relatives used to own. This week they moved from Ivyland to Philadelphia, not much further away. The pain is that I sent my order form to Ivyland at about the same time they moved to Philadelphia, so now I have to wait for the US Postal Service to resend my letter. I hope this paper with my credit card number on it gets some place I know some time.

I’ve been thinking about saying screw it and getting Verizon FiOS. I don’t think Verizon lets you run a web server, though they do offer a static IP number. Plus they run one wire in your house to where you computer is, and as we are going to switch the computer room and the kitchen soon I’d probably have to pay them to move it later.

In the mean time I’ve read H. G. Wells’ The Island of Doctor Moreau, and several Edgar Allan Poe short stories. Any other suggestions for public domain stories to read before cable and Internet sucks my free time again?

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