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November 26, 2005

IVR Cheat Sheet

Filed under: — elana @ 21:08 GMT

You know how you get stuck in voicemail hell when you try to contact a company? A lovely man named Paul English has created anIVR Cheat Sheet with shortcuts to bypass all the crap. WHOO HOO and raise your glasses to the man.

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Come on, SuSE…

Filed under: — brendan @ 09:42 GMT

I downloaded the 4.3 GIGABYTE iso image of the SuSE 10.0 EvalDVD image because I wanted some of the bits noted as missing from their OSS version, like ncftp and vpnc. Well, no luck. I mounted the image, and they’re missing. I google a bit and discovered they’re only available on the DVD in the boxed set you buy, not in the eval DVD version. And I can’t find anywhere you’d be able to download them.

Lame! Hmm…any reason you can’t buy their boxed set and copy all the missing RPMs off it, putting them up for FTP somewhere on a nice high-bandwidth generous server?

Update: Jem Matzan has a great article in The Jem Report which addresses this directly. He explains how to set up YaST to be able to automatically get stuff you’re missing like Thunderbird, MP3 support, and Java. It has the other parts I’m missing, including ncftp and vpnc. Yay! I could also finally get the NetworkManager packages, which I came to really enjoy when I was using Fedora Core 4. Thank you, Jem!

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