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March 26, 2005

Wood Ducks

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About once a week Zoë and I where taking a stroll along the Delaware Canal, usually the only waterfowl we see is Canadian geese and mallard ducks; all kinds of them all over the place. A couple of weeks ago I thought we saw a wood duck couple, but I was not quite sure. So, a week ago when Zoë and I went out I took the opera spectacles Brendan gave me for being in his wedding party. No duck, no luck.

This morning Zoë and I went out, while I forgot the spectacles, they remembered to come along as they where still on the perambulator. Before I reached the canal I saw the couple hiding in the trees, after using the spectacles I was sure. I tried to show Zoë, she didn’t notice. The couple flew away. A few hundrad yards down the canal, a lone male wood duck was swimming. What luck! Perhaps next time I will take the camera too.

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