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March 29, 2005

Almost A Year

Filed under: — Sven @ 15:30 IST

Last night I was sleeping when the baby monitor started beeping, it does that when it receives no signal. I turned it off and was about to go check on ZoĆ«, then I noiced the LED clock, no time. So far one thunder storm in 2005 and one power out, not a good record. Less then a minute later the power was back on. Back to sleep went I.

Brendan noticed it first this morning, Rerun (aka zen.org) was down. The circuit breaker on the UPS turned off, never happened before. I guess there was a power surge too. What hurts is than Rerun was less then a month from being up for a year! I was already planning my blog entry in my mind, but no, no paper anniversary this year. I can only hope for next March.

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