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March 6, 2005

Cube boot commands

Filed under: — brendan @ 12:03 GMT

Hacking on a Cube a little bit, I came up with this list of things you can do when it’s booting. What’s missing? Is there a definitive list anywhere?

    At the prompt, type

  • boot enet:0,yaboot — boot over the network requesting yaboot, the package I was using to do a network boot of the Cube
  • boot cdrom
  • boot cdrom:0
  • boot hd:0
  • load
  • bye
  • mac-boot
  • eject cd
  • dir hd:\
  • reset-nvram
  • reset-all
    While booting, hold down:

  • Opt-Apple-O-F — boot from firmware
  • c — boot from cdrom
  • t — don’t remember
  • x — don’t remember
  • n — boot from network
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