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January 27, 2005

One of those days

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Things are just…being. We did, however, get the results of P’s allergy blood tests back. Apparently, we’re doing everything right. His IgE levels for milk and egg have gone down. Not huge amounts of down, like outgrowing it, but enough to give us hope. Our avoid list is still the same. But…since we were the ones who mentioned the tomatoes thing to the doc, he didn’t test tomatoes. So we’re testing them at home today. First step: cut tomato in half (okay, first step was running up to friend’s house up the road to see if we could borrow a tomato.) Second step: rub a little of the cut side on P’s arm. Third step: give it a few minutes. If any reaction, stop there, and keep avoiding toms. If no reaction, tomorrow rub a little on his bottom lip, and see if there’s a reaction. Again, if reaction, stop. If no reaction, move on to the next day, and let him lick the tomato. (You get the drift.)

Do it slow and easy, and see where were are. I would literally KILL to get tomatoes back.

There might be reactions with wheat and potato and beef, but not enough for the doc to make us restrict those. So, with all that, we’re still in a holding pattern. But there’s a good chance that he’ll outgrow it all. Phew. Nice to know that we did the right thing.

Food allergies suck.

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