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January 17, 2005

Update on cats

Filed under: — elana @ 12:28 GMT

This morning I looked out the back window to see if there were any cats out there, cause of course the various repellents must have worked.

There was one cat, a real mean one, sitting right on top of the little gel granule things. Right on top. On the wall. FFS.

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Motor Tax in Ireland back by a month

Filed under: — brendan @ 10:50 GMT

We got our annual renewal of the Motor Tax due when you own a car in Ireland. The envelope received today (January 17 2005) included this insert, which proves that they have a delay problem of their own:

Important Notice for Online Motor Tax Customers

Your January renewal notice has issued earlier to facilitate your application to have your online motor tax processed before January and in doing so avoid any postal delays normally experienced by customers at that time of year. We guarantee that if we receive your application by Friday December 17th your disc will be posted before Christmas.

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