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January 25, 2005

The quicksand grows

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I’ve been drowning myself in Quicken trying to get our records up-to-date. (I looked at GnuCash a couple of years ago but there were some things it didn’t do for me to get me off of Quicken.) Everything up til now has been fine. I’m nearly done with entering and balancing stuff, with only a couple of accounts left. The first is on hold until the credit card company sends me statements that I never downloaded (and thus cannot reach, since they only let you get the last five). Oh well.

The second account is by far the most complex of all of them, and of course I let balancing slide for months on end. The result wouldn’t be that big of a deal, just some time, except for the “original statement value” number I’m supposed to see when I next reconcile the account. It says the previous statement balance was a number that has actually never existed on any statement. Hmm. Then I looked at one part of the account, and a number was way wrong—instead of something like 1,234, it was 0.007148393. A bit more than a year ago I moved from using Quicken under WinXP to using it under Linux with Wine. It’s been really strong and good, but somewhere in the move something (and perhaps it was be copying the wrong qdata.qdf file) got messed up. I can’t revert back to a previous version, since I’ve just finished entering and balancing all of the other accounts.

Now I’ve got to go back about 2-1/2 years in statements and find where the discrepancy starts.


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