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January 16, 2005

Cat Removal

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I am not a cat person. They make me sneeze. I don’t really like their attitude. With that prelude, I have just finished putting down about 4 different kids of cat repellent in our back and front yards. A woman who lives up the road (2 doors) seems to like cats. She says they’re not all hers, but they all hang out there (I guess it’s the cool cat’s house, and they can have a party whenever they want. She probably even buys them beer). So we have a ton of cats–like 15–that go tromping through our front and back yards all the time. And poop. Everywhere. It’s freaking nasty. P, when he was younger, would pick it up and play in it. And our shoes….argh.

So I put down some scatter crystals on the back walls and anywhere that cats walk into our property (they smell like citronella and look like chopped up lime jello). Then we sprinkled a mixture of flour, cayenne pepper and dry mustard where the cats *really* like to poop. Coated that area. And put down some crushed chili flakes in other spots, like under the rosebush that the birds like to hang out in. So we’ll see.

On the upside, it was a gorgeous day today. Sunny and blue sky, and relatively warm (like 7 C.) So we went out for a walk, bought some onions in the market in the park, and had bagels for lunch. Played outside for a while. You can always tell if it’s a nice Sunday cause our street is lined in cars on both sides. We’re one of the closest streets to the park and since the market is today, people park here. It gets a little crazy, but it’s nice to see so many families out for a walk.

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