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January 11, 2005

Dell support in Europe needs improvement

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We’ve been trying to get a replacement right hinge for a Dell Inspiron 7500. Asking Dell in Ireland, they referred us to a company called Upgrade Options in the UK. After a week and a half of trying to get a straight answer out of them, we finally said screw it and just ordered one from a company in America, paying $21 in shipping to get it here.

After an initial call where I needed to find out if it’s 15″ or 15.4″ (it’s 15″); he said they have right hinges for the 15.4″, but they were out of stock of those for the 15″ screen version of the Inspiron. But, he told me (and I noted), if I needed those they’d “be in soon.”

All further attempts to get the same person named Daniel failed. Three messages were left on his voice mail, and one call also had someone claiming to take notes to give to the right guy. Never got a call back. So today I tried again and another person took the information and said he’d look into it—only to have the call disconnected.

I called right back, and asked again for Daniel. Finally got him, said he recognized my name but wasn’t sure what I was calling about. Gahhhhhhhhh. I explained about my attempts to reach him, and he said he’d have to see what was going on with his sales team. He asked for the details again, and then I waited on hold for a moment. He came back to say he doesn’t know when they might get them in (when I pointed out the “be in soon” line, and asked if that would be within the next six weeks, his response seemed to suggest that he had no idea).

He told me that he knew of two companies in the US who had them now, and he could give me their number. I asked where they get their own parts (“the biggest collection of Dell spare parts in the UK”) since it’d help to know where they’d be getting them. Maybe something could be accelerated?

He started to respond, then click, the call was disconnected. Again. I’m not ready to theorize that their phone connection is faulty.

Thus we ordered one from a US company online, and will make sure to let Dell know that our experience with their support company in the UK was awful. If this is the only resource for people in the UK and Ireland for the care of their Dell equipment, it sure feels like we should go out of our way to use someone else’s product.

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