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January 6, 2005


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Quick test post. Somehow I’d imagine all my posts will be logged under ‘accidental’, just the nature of the beast.

I saw the little pictogram pop up in the browser bar and scuttled off to my Kanji dictionary. It took a while to find as I thought it was a 12 stroke character, but it’s a 13-er – there seems to be a horizontal stroke missing from the square box on the right (it should be divided up into quarters according to the dict.).

Anyway, naturally enough, it’s the character representing ‘Zen’, which consists of the root element ‘god’ (the bit on the left), and a phonetic element ‘Sen/tan/dan’ (the bit on the right) which means ‘single’ when it appears on its own, gets pronounced ‘tan’ and is supposed to be a picture of ‘a single weapon with a forked end’.

Interesting, but will not help you get a cab when you step out of the arrivals hall in Tokyo…

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