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January 1, 2005

Farewell, kind tree

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We want the first of the year to be something of a cleansing, in part freeing ourselves of the too-often stressful holiday season. We’re clearing out the living room now, the enslaved tree now stripped bare—making me think of the turkey we consumed.

Yeah, in theory we should leave it all in place until the 6th of January. The theory of the various Christian faiths. I just finished reading the illustrated version of “The DaVinci Code”, a great gift from my aunt. If you have any tendency to believe in conspiracy theories, that book will feed it in spades. It helped encourage my ongoing skepticism anyway.

Didn’t help to learn about the image of a red-suited santa being the result of advertising by a beverage company, not anything more creative and natural.

So ours will be the first tree going into the town’s recycling pile. And we can spend some time in our restored living room figuring out the year to come.

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